Our Custom-Built, 130 Foot Luxury Super Yacht Entertainment Venue Has Finally Hit The Water!

What an exciting couple of weeks it has been for us here at the YOT Club! 18 months in the making and she is finally undergoing her final fit out at Gold Coast City Marina. The process of not only building this incredible super yacht from scratch but the lift into the water was extremely complex due to her size and unique structure.

Through using composite construction, the YOT Club has been built and is renowned as the first of its kind. The trimaran is most recognised for its amphitheatre styled, dome shaped roof which is incredible for acoustics. This meaning all live music and entertainment on the YOT Club will be a stand out feature. 

Luxury Super Yacht

Hoisted into the air by a 450 tonne mega crane (the largest in Queensland), the YOT Club was placed into purpose built trenches, where she touched water for the first time. Although tensions were high and it was a long anticipated day, the whole operation was a success. 

Now that she is finally afloat and having her finishing touches, it means we are getting closer to the finish line and looking forward to having a champagne on board. 

Thank you, 

The YOT Club